Upcoming Events
Evilsound Production renews, year in year out, its events calendar with italian and foreign artists. We will be present at the best night clubs in Rome, and you will dance to the rhythm of...



Booking Agency
The aim of our Booking Agency is to act as a springboard for budding artists, and to bring to Italy those artists that aren't very well-known in our country but already famous abroad.

Image of an artist with guitar

We propose bands for live concerts, DJs and producers for DJ sets or live sets. Our musical range goes from Rock to Indie, passing through Drum'n'Bass, Techno, Dubstep, Electro, Fidget, House and so on...
We provide the equipment for festivals, meetings, conferences, public and private parties, gala dinners, conventions, concerts, hotels, discos, musical centers, street demonstrations and rallies.

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Service Rome
The services provided by Evilsound
go beyond the “simple” assembling of a
stage: our goal is to offer pure and high
quality of sound and images, through our first-rate equipment and our skilled technical staff.
We provide Audio, Video and Light outfitting, and we are able to kit out any kind of event.

image of a stage

Thanks to our long standing experience with this field, we are able to meet the most demanding requirements: from large outdoor concerts to theatrical performances. We are driven by a passion that made us, since our debut in this activity, a reliable and well-known team. We pay close attention to the innovation of scenographical concept and technologies, and we provide more and more modern and refined electrical installations. Here we are, then, switching on thousands of lights, giving the starting-signal to the sound, travelling with famous artists and managing every event with our usual passion, hoping to give the public a unique show.