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The band is born in March 2007... the initial formation is composed by Luca Porfiri (voice), Luca Stefanini (guitar), Federico Valenti (guitar), Dante Scardelletti (bass) and Michele Lunati (drums)... These 5 guys starts to cover the street of alternative indie rock influenced by bands as Red Hot Chili Peppers,Arctic Monkeys,Rage Against The Machine,Limp Bizkit, etc... the band grows and improve.. in January 2008 Dante leaves the band, few months later Marco Catalano takes his place and in March 2008 TOOT record their first demo of 5 songs that create a first interest around the band.. two months later the guys are already recording their second demo composed by 6 brand news songs. In 1 year the band makes more than 10 live shows in some of the best Clubs in Rome, 3 interviews on radio and 2 on magazines, getting a large following. In May 2009 the bassist Marco leaves the band and Daniele Dezi(alias Mr.Orange) takes his place at 2 days of the beginning of the first album's recording(produced by themselves); Daniele improves each song during the recording and becomes in all effects a new member of TOOT! They begins the new year with a Live series that take them to open up big concerts as Zen Circus @ Circolo Degli Artisti and Sud Sound System @ Frammenti Festival 2010 (ranked 1st in the selections). During the summer the guys win the Formello Live 2010 and they record their first musical videoclip of "Why You Make It So Hard"; in the same period they sign a managerial contract with "Allinfo", so, step by step, they're putting the bases to follw their dreams. ENJOY THE MUSIC, ENJOY THE TOOT.