Evilsound Service
With its Audio, Video and Light outfitting, Evilsound Service can “tailor a suit” for any event. Our aim is to give our clients the highest quality of equipments, and our technicians have a wide experience in this field. Cleanliness of sound is our starting point: a clear and well-balanced sound is the decisive factor to set up a perfect event. Scenographical lighting is important in the same way as sound: we care for any single detail and we like to offer our suggestions and resources, with the purpose to create a flowing and spectacular overall effect, to attract the public, exalt the artist, and to please the eye of those who live the event.

Many years passed since Evilsound took its first steps in this field. The very concept of show is continuously changing, so our career path keeps up with the times and with the evolution of ideas, always observing our clients' requirements. Thanks to the perfect match between lighting, audio and video systems, we can create impressive events.

Evilsound Service can furnish and run many kinds of audio systems. We can kit out conferences, festivals, any sort of performance, concerts, DJ and live sets: we “tailor” a specific sound system for any particular demand.

Evilsound Service provides the lighting for any ambience. With our versatile equipment we are able to fit out not only stages, but fountains, buildings, and natural sets as well.

Evilsound Service is at your disposal with video-projections: we can provide screens of all sizes or project huge-scale images on buildings and various backgrounds. We can film your event with our cameras as well.